2022 Social Impact Awards Submissions Open May 24!

The OTT.X Social Impact Awards is a program created by and for the over-the-top streaming industry to recognize creators, producers and channels who are using the power of streaming video to make a positive impact.

Our industry has the attention of millions of people globally; all-day, every day. The stories we tell, messages we send and truths we reveal have the power to change the world. Using this power to promote understanding, acceptance, equality, and to inspire positive action is a responsibility that OTT.X and our membership is committed to. 

The 2022 OTT.X Impact Awards Ceremony will be held on November 30, 2022 at the IPIC theatres in Westwood California.

Submissions are open from May 24 through November 1, 2022 with discounted fees for early submissions.

For more information visit our FAQ or contact ImpactAwards@ottx.org.

The OTT.X Social Impact awards is organized and managed by OTT.X, the not-for-profit trade association that has been supporting the home entertainment industry for over 30 years. Our members form a global community of organizations throughout the OTT streaming industry and include content, service and technology providers, channels, platforms and retailers. Through our live and on-line industry marketplaces, cross-industry business initiatives, leadership development seminars, industry conferences and community gatherings we facilitate a vibrant ecosystem of organizations continually advancing the consumer experience and business of delivering audio-visual entertainment through OTT technologies.‚Äč