Organizational or Technology Innovation Impact Category


The Organizational or Technology Innovation Impact Award category will recognize an organization that makes a significant impact in the OTT streaming industry to promote or create acceptance of and equality for all people through their organizational processes, policies, activities, or through the development and release of products or services.  

This category is open to all OTT.X member organizations for activities taking place from September 30, 2020, thru October 31, 2021. Selection(s) will be made by the OTT.X staff and will be based on the size of the population impacted and breadth of the impact in terms of promoting and creating acceptance of and equality for all people.  


Submissions can be made via email and sent to

Submissions should include: 

  • A description of the organizational policy, process or technology, including dates implemented/released 
  • Description of how the policy, process or technology promotes or creates acceptance of and equality for all people 
  • Metrics, datapoints and measures that demonstrate the scale and breadth of the process or technology’s impact  

Examples (for illustration)

  • Through hiring and promotion processes, an organization adds three executives from under-represented minority populations, increasing minority representation from 15% to 40%. The organization makes a public announcement and commits to continued growth in diversity at all levels, encouraging industry partners and competitors to do the same.   
  • An organization creates a diversity training and support program and delivers it to all employees. The program provides resources for employees to develop understanding and acceptance for all people as well as skills and tools to act in support of equality for all people.  
  • An organization adds functionality to its product that dramatically reduces the cost of non-US English language subtitling and localization making distribution of content to non-English speakers significantly more cost effective and results in wider distribution and viewership of content.